Are Your Children Being Poisoned? (Short form media’s affect on mental health)


Time and time again, we are constantly warned of the dangers of social media, and how important it is to take breaks, but how many of us consider this?

Multiple studies have shown that on average those aged 13-18 spend on average 9 hours looking at a screen while those aged 8-12 spend roughly 6 hours. The average teen spends roughly five to seven-and-a-half hours scrolling on social media.

While many among us may be under the impression that it is a relatively harmless pass time, most are unaware of its repercussions.

Nina Vasan, a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry, and colleague Sara Johansen, a resident psychiatrist at Stanford were interviewed on their standing on social media and stated that it is addicting as the visual stimuli cause an influx of dopamine associated with the motivation reward response, Stated Johansen and being super exposed to filters designed to slim down your figure may affect somebodies self-esteem.

Studies have also shown that these social media applications, viciously target the brain’s cognitive vulnerability, by catering to what content you enjoy consuming, and like. In doing so because no mode of thought is challenged this offers the user sense of comfort which begins to divulge into self-induced isolation, harboring toxic echo chambers of clockwork thought patterns.

While this does not necessarily mean that complete abstinence is necessary, the internet and social media are best enjoyed in moderation as most recreational pleasures are. By design, social media apps are designed to keep you in scrolling loops to increase the corporations’ profit from advertisers. Both psychiatrists placed a large emphasis on more research on social media apps in and of themselves.