New Student Business “C-LOUIS” Gives Back to School Community

New Student Business C-LOUIS Gives Back to School Community

Jason Healy, Staff Writer

Gilbert High School student, Christopher Alaniz, is a new business owner. He is learning that as a sole proprietor, you wear many hats!

The Business Design I & II course teaches students the importance of giving back to their community. For Christopher’s business, he chose to give back to Gilbert High School’s Community Corner. He is taking $5.00 from every sale and purchasing food and donating clothing for our families in need.

Christopher is working on his invoices right now and calculating his sales for quarter 1, then he will share his total and go and purchase items for the families to deliver to room 43.

If you’re interested in supporting a good cause scan the QR code and request your C-Louis product today, Be on the look out for more new student businesses opening on our campus soon.