Meet the ASB candidates for office!


April Matamoros, Staff Writer

Your ASB Elections will be held on Friday, September 23rd. You will be voting for your ASB President, Vice President, Activities Commissioner and Inter-Club Commissioner. Ballots will go live at 8 AM and will close at 11:59 PM. Here are this year’s candidates and their campaign statements:

For the Office of ASB President 
Peter Meza
     I’m in 12th grade. I’m running for ASB President. I’m looking forward to leading the ASB class and being the voice for Gilbert High School. I think the student body should vote for me because I want to make make this school better for the students, have more events to make the students participate in school events, I will work with the ambassador to help change the outlook on the school using my leadership skills.
Randy Enrique Rouletto Valladolid
     Haiii Hellooo heyy haiiii UwU >~< My name is Randy Enrique Rouletto Valladolid, The phantom of paradise!! Yes yes please pick your jaw off the floor and take some deep breaths. I know it’s lots to take in. I am running for President of ASB! I mean what other position could I run for, what else would be fit for an absolute narcissist egomaniac like me? I don’t even know what ASB stands for, but I hear a top position in something I want because my pride just can’t handle something less than pure unfiltered greatness! I think what I’m looking forward to in ASB this year is meeting new people and making more people angry and hateful about me because I love nothing more than ignorance and confusion. But the people I do make smile makes it all worth it. If (when) I start a cult I want people that see farther beyond the scope of their own egos and pride, too many people are too invested in themselves, they’d rather turn the other way then make someone’s day because they are wayyyyy too scared about looking “dumb” or “saying the wrong thing”. When a true great person would throw away their ego and rush to make (you) happy, to brighten up the world, and make it a better, more enjoyable, kind place for the stranger, for your fellow man, for humanity! The student body should vote for me because they know what’s good for them, they know what’s good for the world. You know what runs the world? PASSION! The passion I will bring to this world will be unmatched, I will bring a beauty that surpasses anything else this world has seen before, I will become the phantom of the new paradise! THE ONLY THING I GOT IN THIS WORLD IS MY ______S and MY WORD, AND I DON’T BREAK ‘EM FOR NOBODY! You’re welcome in advance. We will become Venus as a people.
For the Office of ASB Vice President
Gabriela Guadarrama
      I’m in 12th grade. I am running for Vice President. I’m looking forward to be more involved in the activities and challenge myself to be more interactive. The student body should vote for me because I have good leadership skills and I’m very communicative, and I will help make change to what your concerns are. I am also working to represent Gilbert at district mindfulness meetings.
Farhat Sidiqi
     I’m in 12th grade and running for Vice President. I will support all the activities. Vote for me because I’ll help.
For the Office of ASB Club Commissioner
Jhon Hernandez
     My name is Jhon Hernandez. I am in 12th grade. I’m running for Club Commissioner. I look forward to inspiring and helping people throughout the year. The student body should vote for me because I want to help make future events more fun and come up with great themes that everyone can enjoy.
Josie. 12th grade. Club Commissioner. To do my best and give it my all this year. Honestly, I’m not the best, but I want to give everything a try and I’ll do my best if I am elected.