Find Science And Power Are Two Of The Same Thing At The Library


Devin Vazquez , Staff Writer

E=MC2, you may have heard or seen this equation somewhere in your life. This is Einsteins most notorious accomplishment. Its a simple calculus that describes the universal law of conservation of mass and energy; matter and energy can not be fabricated nor destroyed our universe has a set amount.

How would this affect you? It seems to be so over-appreciated. Actually, this individual understanding of our world by Albert Einstein, led to the creation of nuclear power plants, atomic bombs, and even particle accelerators. Our world is made up of science. Science is every where you go, when you breath, take a bath or even eat your dinner, you use the innovations of science or the understanding of these universal laws.

Great scientists have blessed you with this information. In our library lies the secrets of our universe. Gilbert has given us access to these books that cover many subjects, such as physics the study of the structure and movement of mass and energy , quantum mechanics the study of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles, anatomy the study of the structure of human and other organisms body, and many more. Give these books a try, and you might find a new interest.

The books by Paul Fleisher are a good start. He explains the fundamentals of science to newcomers so you can understand complicated laws like the inverse square law. Describing that the power of an influence like gravitation or magnetic force is inversely proportional to the distance of the force source, inversely proportional means to decrease as the other increases, the more the space between you and the earth increases  the intensity of the influence that pulls you in is inversely equal to the square of the space between you and the force. I acquired the pretty amazing knowledge from our libraries science books.

Imagine the power to take over the world, you may find laying between the pages of these books, or not, there is only one way you can find out. I propose that if you spend at least one hour reading the laws of your universe you will inevitably reap the benefits of the power of knowledge or maybe you will just find a new way to pass time.