Famed Graduate, Juan Agraz, Pays Gilbert a Visit


April Matamoros, Staff Writer

After graduating from Gilbert High School in May 2022, Juan Agraz, resumed working at Soak City for the summer. Now he balances work with college. Juan attends Fullerton Community College. He states that his hardest class is business.

Juan doesn’t regret the decision of graduating from Gilbert. He felt that he would have a bigger impact here then what he would have made back at his home school.

“If I were to go back to when I was asked if I wanted to return to Savanna, I would’ve made the same decision I did back then.””

— Juan Agraz

He came back to visit our journalism class and answered questions that were asked to him. He was happy to see Ms. Frese. Some advice he had was “write what you feel is right” and to “get your voice out”. He said that everyone has a story to tell. He will continue to explore how life goes after high school.