Students Represent Gilbert at Congressman Lou Correa’s Youth Congressional Leadership Program


Congressman Correa shares his superpower with GHS

Gen. Staff, Staff Collaboration

Seniors Lexie Rocha and Michael Flores attended the first of eight Saturdays to kick off their participation in the Youth Congressional Leadership Program hosted by local Congressman Lou Correa.

This first event took place at Santa Ana College and will continue to rotate locations throughout the duration of the program which ends in May.

Lexie Rocha said, “It was inspiring to see somebody from around here doing such huge work in Washington.”

“I had a good time. I saw a few of my friends there. I got to connect with the Congressman and his scheduler. This is important because it’s making connections and networking.”

The Youth Congressional Leadership Program meets again on October 8th. There are meetings during the second Saturday of each month until students get to “graduate” from the program in May.

Lexie and Michael promise to send updates on their experience throughout the duration of this exciting event. We thank them for representing Gilbert and offering a powerful, positive presence.