Gilbert Garden Produces Edible Harvest


Ms. Thayer watering the fruits and vegetables in the Gilbert Garden

We have a garden at Gilbert High School! This garden needs volunteers, donations, letters written, and community service participants to help. “There’s so much to learn and do,” says Jennifer Thayer who advocates for the garden and teaches in room 3.

She said “We need lots of stuff.”

The garden started when Mrs. Karen Hicks planted a few trees and things started to grow. Student art is showcased throughout the garden. There are opportunities available today to encourage more student art and creative projects for inclusion in the garden.

If you take a stroll through the garden you will see a variety of plants and trees. There are figs, oranges lemons, limes, grapes and more fruits and vegetables that need tending to. Volunteers that wish to help would learn things like how to propagate trees through the seasons, how to water and weed, trim the grape vines and more.

In addition, culinary arts students can work with the garden harvest. For example, in this year’s garden harvest it produced a lot of fruit, specifically figs, Chef Jassman and his students made fresh organic chutney from the figs. Students in the ethnic studies and journalism classes tasted the chutney, and it was delicious.

The garden needs attention and if you would like to participate see Ms. Thayer in room 3, or you could email her at [email protected].