The Gilbert High School Restroom Policy


Esmeralda Serafin, Staff Writer

So I asked a couple of anonymous people their opinion on the restroom policy. Here are some of the comments I received:

“It is unfair because some students take advantage of the passes by taking their time when other students need to go.”

“It is time-consuming because you have to ask your teacher to write a pass, scan the QR code, check in with the staff member at the door, then you have to sign the QR code to check back in.”

“It can also cause bladder infections because some students may not have enough time to use the restroom and some students feel rushed. During lunch, the girl’s restrooms only let you have two minutes to use them, which isn’t enough time to use the restroom in case of feminine issues.”

“Some girls and boys might not even be able to use the restrooms during lunch because of how long the lines are.”

“It feels illegal to use the restroom with this policy because we should use the restroom when we need to. It feels like they’re taking our restroom rights away or limiting our restroom use.”