Walk In My Shoes


Gabriel Martinez , Staff Writer

Growing up –

My mom met my dad in mexico and they both decided to move and live over here in California and they had owned a apartment and my dad had a job and he started to work at a painting job and my mom stayed home while he was at work and my mom was pregnant with my brother and my brother was the first born. Then it was my two sisters and they all lived in a apartment and then my mom was pregnant with me and once i was born we couldn’t stay at the apartment so they moved out and got a house with more room and then i was born and i use to love watching my favorite show tom and Jerry and i had a lot of pets like baby little chickens and they were bullying me. Soon i was getting little by little order i wouldn’t leave my dad side i was so attach to him and i would go everywhere he would go. Like this one time we were at a north gate and when i would hear that they were gonna close i started to cry because my dad didn’t finish what he was gonna get and i started to cry because i didn’t want to just stay there and i was scared because i was so attached to him when i was like young.

Kindergarten –

Once i was like 5 or 6 my mom put me in school and i didn’t like school and i started to cry cause i would see my mom leave me and i would cry and i didn’t like school because i was more to stay in my house as a little kid and once i got the hang of it and started to make new friends i got more comfortable. Every time school would end my mom would pick me and like have some eggs ready and some rice like in a plastic container and we would sit on someone’s front yard and we been doing every day to the point where they didn’t like it anymore and they threaten us by saying they will call the cops and we were in a hurry and i was minding my busy eating my rice and eggs and my mom told me to go and we rushed out of their front yard and we started packing our things and we got up and left walking fast. Another day at school and i was in class ready to go to play outside recess and i told my friend we could play tag and some kid that i don’t know and he played along with us and he was it the other kid and i was running and he slaps me in the face and not tag me he yelled tag by slapping my face and i started to cry and i just never played tag after that. Another day of school and i told myself that imma get bored and i had this video game that’s called a D’s and class has started and i had put it in some cabinet that has my name on it and some girl look at my cabinet and she tells on me and she goes to tell the teacher and i get it taken away. 

Elementary –

During in my elementary school i was so nervous and i didn’t know anyone and then i had made new friends and i was so smart on my multiplication and i remembered everything and this was i think in my third grade and we would play this game that is called around the world and its a one on one challenge and if one of person gets it right the other person goes back of the line and stuff I would beat every student in the line with the multiplication and i couldn’t be beaten until you get five right you go again but at the back of the line and i would get in trouble for everything and i was a troublemaker and i would get suspended and then after that i passed every single grade and went to middle school.                         

Middle school –

In my middle school i didn’t know anyone until i met my old friend from my elementary and then i hung out with him and then he met some new people and i did the same thing and i went on my own way and like i met new people that i would get along with and everything. I found people that i would hang out with at lunch and then i really started to be with them more and then i would ditch a lot with them and i would never do my and i would always go late to school and i would get sometimes in trouble and i got into a little fight with this one guy and i punched in the head really hard and he told on me and i got in trouble and stuff so i passed in middle and thank god that he was on my side and everything i thank him.

High school –

In high school i didn’t know anyone as usual and like i would make new friends and always make new friends no matter what if I’m  new but i got along with some of the people i got to make new friends with and i still had some of the people from my middle school and i tried my best to pass some of my classes and like i passed some of my classes and i ditched and everything still and like i wouldn’t do some of my  work and some i did to pass at least but yea i wouldn’t be going to class or anything and always going late to class and everything but i tried my best to pass and everything and then in my mid jr 11th grade i got kicked out of my home school and went to Gilbert high school. 

After my graduation plans –

After everything i been through i went to Gilbert and i tried my best to pass everything and like i did and i passed every single class and tried my hardest and like after these years I’m finally graduating and like I’m so happy that I’m passing everything and like after i got done graduating i gonna go work at Disneyland and after that work with my brother to paint and stuff and that and that’s gonna be my after graduation plans.