Car Jacking Awarness


Alexis Cazares , Staff Writer

Reasons on how you can prevent car jacking. Reason Number 1 stay off your phone so a person doesn’t sneak up on you. Reason number 2 have your doors locked at all times so no one can just open the doors. Reason Number 3 have your windows up or up at a point where someone can’t just reach in and open the door.

they took about $4,000-$6,000 dollars worth of tools

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This articles is about a Guy named David who got his car jacked in the DisneyLand area. This all happened after  20 mintues before David left my house from fixing my sister mustang. David had his windows down because there tinted to dark and didn’t want to get pulled over. David was waiting for the light to turn green but he was on his phone when suddenly these 2 guys came up to his car on of the guys socked him in his face and the other pulled out his knife. So David they dragged him out of the car then the 1 of the guys proceeded to get in the car while the other got in their stolen vechicle and took off. We posted every where on social media to be on the look out for the car a couple of days later this guy reached out to us that he found the car. We went to the location but the car was empty they took about $4,000-$6,000 dollars worth of tools and they took his keys so we had to get a copy of his keys thankfully my cousin drives a similar car. This should teach us on why we should stay off our phones and be aware of our surroundings this could’ve been easily prevented now David can’t go into a autozone without being reconized as the guy who got his car stolen.