Follow Up Ukraine Featuring Mr.Wilson


Alexis Cazares, Staff Writer

On March 1st 2022 Russia had invaded Ukraine it has been 3 months since the war started. Mr. Wilson one of our retired staff member who use to teach history has been going to help with the people who had to fled their country.

If you want to help I can attest that this place is legitimate because I saw it with my own eyes.”

— Mike Wilson

On Monday, 4/11/22 Mr.Wilson just returned from Krakow, Poland. He visited the shelter where they’re keeping many of the dogs and cats from Ukraine. The good news is that they are well taken care of with lots of volunteers.  Wilson loves to distribute love and coloring books to the Ukrainian children who have been left homeless and often without any toys to help divert their attention from the sadness and uncertainty all around them. On his first trip in March, I passed out around 250 coloring books in the train and bus station where the refugees congregate before being assigned their next destination. He was taken by the impact my small act of kindness had on the children and their parents. The mothers often would weep with joy because they had to leave home so quickly and were unable to gather toys for their children. After buying out the bookstore three times, He had spent all my money and had to return home. Because of the generosity of the Saddleback Valley Elks Lodge #2444 in Mission Viejo, California, He has the opportunity to return to Krakow and continue helping refugee children. He wants everyone to know that each little book I bestow on a child comes with a lot of love. He says each time that the gift is “from my heart to yours.” If you want to help I can attest that this place is legitimate because I saw it with my own eyes. You’re welcome to visit my Facebook page to see videos of the cats.

Link To Shelter Site: