Four Gilbert Students Speak to Their Peers with Great Confidence


Cristal Perez (center) pictured with April Bravo (left) and Leslie Kennish (right) was voted the student favorite.

Steven Nietes, Staff Writer

Gilbert High School hosted an event Known as The Gilbert Talks Soapbox Competition. It was held in the multipurpose room. Four students were courageous enough to talk to their  peers and staff, as well as the topic they wanted to address and share. Topics that were discussed included Mental Health, Air pollution, Gun violence, and Racism. The students described there experiences as nerve-racking.

One student said, “It was challenging,”and, “I wanted to prove a point.”

The students really impacted a lot of people and got out of their respective comfort zones to speak out. The four brave students were Derian Sandavol, Kira Warne, Cristal Perez, and Elain Medrano. The attending students got to vote for there favorite speaker. They chose Cristal Perez as the student favorite. However,there was only one winner for the competition who can go on to the district levels to represent Gilbert High school and that was Kira Warne. congratulations to all students and we wish Kira good luck on her next speech competition.

“Mental Health should not be something that we are a shamed to talk about its normal to not be okay.””

— Kira Warne