The Battle Begins Monday, March 28th for Bragging Rights in our Soapbox “Gilbert Talks” Competition


Steven Nietes, Staff Writer

Gilbert High School is hosting an event for students known as The Gilbert Talks Soapbox Competition. The competition will be held here at Gilbert High School. The location is 1800 W. Ball RD. in Anaheim, CA 92804. It will be in the Multipurpose room. Students will be speaking out on the issues that affect our community and encourage others to get more involved. The winner will have bragging rights and represent Gilbert at the Distract finals in April. Competition starts on Monday, March 28, 2022, third period which is held at 10:38 – 11:44 a.m.
Here are some of the students who will be competing:
Kira Warne
Derian Sandoval
Elain Medrano
Juan Macias
Alex Ascencio
Serina Poe
Juan Agraz
Lezette Diaz
Angel Marie Bustos