Covid Effect


Yoshi Ventura, Staff writer

What is Covid- In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past two years Covid is a virus that has been spreading around, all around the world, and it started on December 12, 2019. It became extremely serious to the point of mandatory lockdowns. The quarantine started for us on March 14th. 2020, closing down schools, business,  and public gatherings. We are now in March of 2022 (the time of this writing). Most of us experienced school for over a year online. 

How did Covid affect school- Covid affected school in my opinion. In my personal experience, I went through a very rough year. In the school year, I had straight F’s and would barely join the classes. This would be the worst school year of my life. I feel that the reason it affected me so badly was that I’m an on-hand type of learner and when all I heard was teachers talking and talking I would get bored and just leave and do nothing. 

How did covid affect mentally- I know for a fact that I had a lot of friends and family that went through a very rough patch of depression because covid was a new thing to everyone and having no physical contact with friends was very rough for a few people. Another reason they went through rough times was because they had family and friends passing over this new virus. 

Will things go back to normal- I personally believe that things will not go back to normal because what we know now I feel that people will want to keep their distance and be more afraid of how we used to live. Looking back at How we used to live is kinda weird and now we are used to how we live. The mask mandates are in fact being lifted on March 11th, 2022. What it looks like at the moment is students will continue to wear masks.