2022 Orange County Heart And Stroke Walk


Hey students the upcoming in-person 2022 OC Heart & Stroke Walk being held at the Anaheim Angel Stadium. TUPE is happy to sponsor transportation or other needs for students to attend

  • All you will need is to be registered for the walk, a fitness tracker and the Heart Walk app on your phone!  Then, connect the two and you will be entered into a competition to see who of all the Orange County Heart & Stroke Walk participants moves the most!
  • Walk, run, swim, dance…or even vacuum your house, whatever it is…as long as you are up and moving around, it all counts since we are counting minutes of activity not steps!
  • You, as coaches, will be able to see all of your teammates who are participating through your walk participant portal and how well they are doing!  The Toolkit Link above has detailed information on how to connect your fitness device to the Heart & Stroke Walk app.

AS A REMINDER: In order for people to participate, they need to be registered for the walk.  So, make sure you are reminding your friends, family and colleagues to register for your team