The War is Getting Worse ~ What We Know So Far


Bryant Sandoval, Staff Writer

March 1st Russia bombed the Holocaust Memorial in a major city. Russia also bombed a hospital in Kharkiv also a maternity hospital near Kyiv. Russia has committed more than 80 percent of their forces, but despite that their movement towards Kyiv has been stalled.

Some Russian troops are reportedly surrendering without a fight while other Russian troops are running out of food and have resorted to looting local shops. About 500,000 Ukrainians have fled the country since the Russian invasion began.

President Joe Biden has said that they will be closing the airspace to Russian planes. We are now a week into the Russians invasion of Ukraine. As of March 2nd Russia still doesn’t control the major cities, nor has it achieved air superiority, but they have allegedly captured the southern city of Kherson and more then 2,000 civilians have been killed. Ukraine has released information that states over 120,000 Russian soldiers are involved in the invasion.

It’s a travesty to see memorials, hospitals, and civilians used as targets. We sincerely hope the violence ends soon.