A Teens point of view of young love


Yoshi Ventura, Staff Writer


Young love – Young love can be the most beautiful thing or the biggest heartbreak to people, many people have young loves but not many stay with them. Whether you wanna believe it or not, that person who popped in your head there is your young love. Just a little while ago or a long time ago you were so happy to spend every second of every Minute every hour  of your day with them and you loved it and that made you so happy. 

What love is- many people might say that they don’t know what love is or what it makes or how it feels but a lot of them misunderstand the whole concept of love. Love can’t be defined. Love is a feeling you get and when you get that feeling you’ll know it’s love. It’s an easy feeling to identify that little spark of joy when you hear them, when you know there are those little feelings of butterflies. That is what I like to call young love. 

What love can be- love can be multiple things, love can be a person, love can also be a memory with someone or maybe simply just a memory, love can be anything you’d like it to be. My best experience in love I’d like to say is a memory and what I once heard from a friend was “nothing is forever, it’s possible that the people who gave you the best love become a memory themself. A love treasured memory is the lasting gift of time well spent. Even when you feel you hate a person, the memory with them can bring a spark to your face” 

Feeling of young love – The worst to come from young love is always the heartbreak. Young love is the hardest love to endure because both people are still growing. Many believe that if you truly love someone you grow with them, but many also believe that it’s part of young love to grow apart and grow from it in order for a character development to happen but both ways they hurt and have to come with lots of patience. Love is not an easy or promising thing. Love is a thing that requires patience, and a very good heart which is why many people believe that young love is nothing but a book.

Nobody’s perfect, especially your partner.

— Daniel Dorado

Quotes- “People come and go” “ first love is always the toughest to get over” “ nobody’s perfect especially your partner” – From someone who is going through a heartbreak- Daniel Dorado

“Both partners need effort in order for it to go” “Love can make someone believe their whole life is good” “ need maturity in order to love” “ honesty is the most important thing in a relationship” “ you also need to understand and communicate in order for them to work.” “Trust in each other” “Love is a deeper conection than what people believe” “Overthinking is never a good thing inna relationship” Point of view from people in love – Andrea Razo,Kayla Tapia. Gabriel, Rina, gabby,