Women Get to experience to play on the football field


Steven Nietes, Staff Writer

Women’s Football Event  

On february 9th, 2022 the female students from Gilbert high school got the opportunity to play and experience an event that they will never forget. From 10am – 2pm all the female students got to go to the pw4epacidina where the rose bowl is located. There they got to meet all sorts of people including people that were a part of the NFL like the first NFL female coach.

All the people were very welcoming and showed them all love like Dr. JenWelter. They provided the students with food, drinks and also souvenirs like the swag bag that all the students received and t-shirts etc.  They were also provided with clothes that were made by a personal designer for them to play with. The clothes made it super comfortable for them to play and appropriate too.

The students were taught a variety of things like to rule book and positions for football and included physical activities like running squatting etc. This event showed and empowered the female students to break stereotypes and also show them that they have a spot and bring more to the table. It really opened their minds. 

Students that Attended 

Cassidey Beleche
Alejandra Diaz Yeme
Isabel Dominguez-
Leslie Kennish
Tania Navarro
Kasey Olivares 
Jessica Pastor 
Kenia Rodriguez