Wonderful Weird Weather We’re Having


Gaby Lazo, Staff Writer

Let’s talk about this weird weather we’re having. On Monday February 14, the weather was really nice. It was pretty hot and the sun was bright. The breeze was nice and the sunset was beautiful. It was like 72/61 degrees out.  The next day, I noticed dark clouds and a cold breeze it felt like 2 degrees out, but it was actually just 57 degrees. It was dark, cold and windy all day.

Later that night, there was a huge lightning and thunderstorm. It looked really pretty. There was also hail for a few minutes. The rain then calmed down and it stopped raining. On February 16, It was sunny and bright with a little bit of wind but the sun was out and beautiful like if it hadn’t rained like crazy the past night. 

This week of February 21st the sun had been out, it was bright and it was breezy with a clear sky. The day was beautiful. And so was the rest of the week. The nights get really cold and so do the morning but in the afternoons it starts to get pretty warm.

On February 28 the day was nice and bright. The sky was blue and the sky was also clear. It was 63 degrees outside and it was getting hotter by the hour. It was like about 85 degrees. The rest of the week should be pretty clear, hot and sunny which is what we’re usually used to. Definitely warmer than last week.

Usually in California the weather is always so nice and sunny so when the weather changes drastically all of a sudden like a huge thunderstorm with lightning, some people don’t like that it’s raining or get scared when there is lighting.  California is one of the most sunniest states and its common for it to always be hot or warm. when the weather drops down to 60 or the 50s people think its cold and other people from different states argue about how it’s colder in other areas but it’s only because we’re used to the warm weather.