The Campus Security Sweep is an Important Safety Measure


Andrea Razo, Staff Writer

In case you haven’t noticed our school is being more strict about bathroom policies, and student attendance. The team of supervisors want our campus to be safe and supervised. Some students, more than others, are feeling targeted and singled out. This has caused an small uproar among some students.

When students are out of class, it appears they may not be where they are supposed to be, and may need assistance getting to their proper destination. Mr. White, our security staff members (Susie, Jose, Celia) and all teachers on campus are part of this collective team of supervisors. Their belief is that student behavior, attendance, and safety will improve when students get to class on time and remain in their classes.

“This week was better than last week,” said Mr. White. He also stated that if things continue to improve, it’s possible another boys bathroom will open during lunch.

Mr. White added that one of the most important reasons for this “sweep” is to prepare students for the adult world. He said that the adults on this campus are responsible for the safety and security of all students on our campus, before, during, and after school. Making sure everyone is safe includes seeing to that students go to class and stay in their classes where they are supposed to be.

Students surveyed expressed their concerns.

“I think it’s ridiculous to restrict innocent students from using the bathroom during all this,” stated Yoshi Ventura. Bryant Sandoval concurred, “I think it’s dumb because I almost peed myself because I wasn’t allowed to go!” Juan Agraz added, “It is kina annoying because you gotta wait a lot because only two or three kids are allowed inside the restroom at a time now.”
Bayron Valladares suggests an alternative. “I think they should open two restrooms,” he said.

Gaby Lazo understood what Mr. White had explained. She said, “All this is to prepare students for adulthood, to keep students out of bathrooms and in the classroom.” Steven Nietes wasn’t too disturbed by the whole campus sweep either. He said, “I don’t really care too much because I rarely use the bathroom or go outside.”

Gabriel M. declared it’s simple, “I think we should keep things clean and get students to classes on time.”