It’s Up To You To Keep Things Clean


Gabriel M.

Boys Bathroom too busy

Gabriel Martinez, Staff Writer

Bathrooms Conditions 

       What we need for the restrooms is cleanliness. Our restrooms need to stay clean for all students. When students enter, everything should be nice and safe,  and when the janitors come they shouldn’t have to do anything but sanitize the restroom because of Covid. They can just move onto the next restroom and it will make their jobs easier.

      When students go to the restroom after class and between classes, they are often late because of the long line. The restrooms are too packed, making the students late. The students should go to class check in with their teachers first.

     The students stay inside of the restroom just wasting time by hanging out with their friends, making it hard for the security to bring them out. If and when all students learn to work together to make the bathrooms more accessible the school will become a cleaner and calmer place to be.