Gilbert Game Lab host first Tournament


Mauricio Merino, Staff Writer

The Gilbert Game Lab recently had its first tournament of the semester and everyone had a lot of fun. There were close to 20 sign-ups and a total of 11 participants in the event. The preliminary rounds were played after school on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, with the grand finals being held during lunch on Thursday. The Top 4 Finishers were 

  1. Crist Alvarez
  2. Luis Sanchez
  3. Pablo Gutierrez
  4. Juan Ajanel 

Students were excited to compete against their friends in Fortnite (an AUHSD approved game), playing through a series of free-for-all rounds. The atmosphere was very light-hearted and friendly, with defeated players laughing off their loss and cheering the rest on. If you missed out don’t stress it The Gilbert Game Lab will be playing Rocket League for our next tournament in mid-late February so make sure you don’t miss out Follow @GilbertLibrary on IG for more updates.