How the Music Industry was Impacted During the Global Pandemic


Daniel Dorado, Staff Writer

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The pandemic was a rough year for artists in the music industry. It was really bad for them because they were not able to perform or play live music. Many independent artists depend on their live performances to survive financially. Independent artists had to innovate and be more creative during the pandemic.

Many independent artists resorted to social media formats like TikTok, Facebook Live, and Instagram to reach out to their fanbase and keep their music and energy thriving. But, it wasn’t easy. and many artists quickly became disenchanted with online performing.

Tony Marsico, founding member of the Plugz and Cruzados and Martini Kings, got bored with social media quickly and decided to write new songs, eleven in total, and take them into the studio to record an entire new album. “She’s Automatic” is the new album that Tony hopes will help him and his band members to bounce back and find success in the new year. Check out the album at:

Ukulena, aka Marlena Khramov, a 2015 Gilbert graduate, is a local independent artist, worked on building her social media content and created music videos for her original music. This required online collaborations with other creative artists like music editors and film experts. She also released several EP’s online. She is on Spotify, Bandcamp, and other online platforms, but hopes to venture out into more live, in-person performances in the new year. She will be performing at the Mixx in Pasadena on New Year’s Eve in her Selena tribute show.

You might know Monkey, the lead singer and founding member of The Adicts punk band. Monkey spent much of the pandemic creating original artwork that he called “Monks-Junk”. He developed a website and Instagram account that featured his original artwork. Check it out at: He is also on Instagram @monkeyadicts

The pandemic may have caused venues to close and gigs to be cancelled, but on the bright side of things, artists were able to get creative and do new things. And, hopefully, in the new year, things will start to open up again. Last week Rolling Loud actually took place, and it looks like Coachella, Lollapalooza, and the local This Ain’t No Picnic festivals have been scheduled for Spring and Summer 2022. Keep your fingers crossed for live music to happen again and we can all be safe.