The Problems in the U.S Today


Pedro Sosa, Staff Writer

  1. The Problems in the U.S. Today

I don’t like the state of the nation that is America today. It honestly has felt like everything is falling to pieces. Here is why. To begin with, the major problems in America are Gun Violence, Health Care, and Homelessness. There are many other issues that need to be dealt with, but these are the major three that America should address first. 

Health care has been a problem for years now fifty million people, 16% of the U.S population, lack insurance coverage. Gun Violence is another problem in the U.S today but has gotten worse over the years because in some states the age requirement went from 21 to 18 and because of that there have been many school shootings happening around the world. As you can see there are many concerns in the US today, but I believe that if we fix Health Care, Gun Violence, and Homeless the US would be a better place to live in. 

Health Care is a problem. To this very date 16% of the US population lack insurance coverage. Keep in mind there are 50 million people in the US. I find it important because some people are born with special needs and sometimes the insurance doesn’t fully cover it. I would help out by giving free medical attention and medicine for the first 4 months so a family would have time to save up money, and I will also make the medicine more affordable. People with chronic illness spend 32% of the total cost of Medicare spending on hospital fees alone. This must be improved. Fixing this issue will help solve a lot of problems, not just in the U.S., but would send a message around the world.


The second issue that needs to be addressed is Gun Violence. More than five hundred people die every day due to firearms. This needs to be remedied. There are also many school shootings happening around our country. It is getting out of hand. We could fix this problem by requiring better licensing laws and requiring a class for all gun owners. They must be able to pass a current mental health check as well as a background check before being permitted to own any type of gun. For example, an individual should not have the right to purchase or own an assault weapon of any kind. In addition, restricting the amount of ammunition one person can own should be instated. Ammunition should also be marked and branded so it can be quickly traced to the user. 

The last issue I would like to fix in the United States is the problem of Homelessness. California, especially, has a growing problem. At least 63,706 people are experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County alone. Los Angeles is also a very expensive place to live, and it is only getting more expensive and more difficult to own or rent property.  One way to assist the homeless population is by providing more homeless shelters, and creating more jobs. People need help and should not have to be alone or expected to fend for themselves. The County, State, and Federal governments need to work together to make something happen that will last and set an example for others to follow in other parts of the country. 

In conclusion, the United States of America can be a better place for everyone and might even return to the Land of Opportunity it once was, if only our leaders will listen to each other and work together to find the right solutions. Vote for Pedro 2024!