Christmas Music Slander


Don’t ask me the color of anything.

Have you ever walked into Macy’s and heard Mariah Carey’s ” All I Want For Christmas”? Some say it’s needed for this time of year, while others think otherwise. I personally don’t want to hear Frank Sinatra playing on my tik tok while someone’s baking cookies.

Call me the Grinch of Christmas, but some of these songs are just too repetitive. Some people might wait for CBS’s 12 Days Till Christmas, or even the winter chills that come along with the start of December. Then there’s people who enjoy hearing Mariah Carey singing for 25 days. Like honestly, you’re telling me you waited 12 months for Christmas music?

Okay maybe I do sound like a bit of a Grinch, but who are you to judge me on my opinion? YOU LISTEN TO CHRISTMAS MUSIC! Christmas carolers are not safe either, half the time they’re off key, and they sing the same songs too.

Someone needs to drop a new Christmas album, and fast. Merry music!