Gilbert Gives Lots of Love and Stuff inside the Annual Bags of Hope


It was fun to deliver the ICS stuffed animals to the Catalyst Kids in Day Care and the Bags of Hope donation project with ASB. Gilbert Gives!

Daniel Dorado, Staff Writer

This year Gilbert students, teachers, and staff worked together to fill 52 Bags of Hope to less fortunate children of Anaheim.

Some content items in the bag this year included Beyblades, Soccer balls, pop-its, unicorns, big cozy blankets, and this year, Inner City Slickers donated over 350 stuffed animals to our school so the Bags of Hope could each enjoy a furry friend.

Inner City Slickers donated stuffed animals for our kids this year! Thank you!

Gilbert High school has been doing Bags of Hope for three years now because of a student named Sam Alvarez, who brought the partnership to Gilbert. He introduced Gilbert to the organization and organized us to donate over 35 bags in only two weeks during the holiday season of 2018. It was a great experience and many students participated in donating items.

We asked Gilberts little helpers if they would do this again and they said, Absolutely!