Will Fonseca- Donut Eating Winner And Future Boxing Champion


Juan Agraz, Editor

“I look to be the youngest to ever be on the US Olympic team.””

— Will Fonseca

Will Fonseca, a seventeen year old senior here at Gilbert High School, who came from Cypress High School, won the Donut Eating Contest during the Red Ribbon Week activities. He stated during the interview that it was funny that a lot of people were yelling and cheering for him as he was eating the regular size donut. He loves to eat a lot, including a lot of sugar. He says that he was glad that he had bought the ticket, and that Ms. Rosete was his biggest motivation to participate in the Donut Eating Contest, promising him that she would participate in the Pie Throwing Contest. He won the contest and Ms. Rosete got pied. 

His hobbies are anything that have to do with physical activity. He is also a boxer in his own right. He got into boxing at the age eleven, when he fought his older brother. “I trashed him,” he says. He also says that getting beat up at a young age really made him love it and since then he started to train with his coach who motivates and drives him, slowly working his way up.

He wears head protection, ten ounce gloves, and belt protection when he fights. Though all that protection hasn’t stopped him from being knocked down once by a body shot, it just rocked him. He wishes he can fight Obdula Massen, a fighter who went pro at age 17. Who knows, maybe some time in the future that fight can come true. He has a goal in mind, and that is to be able to finally defeat Joseph Almadji, a fighter who has defeated Will in two separate occasions. “He beat me twice and both times were by points,” he added.

He has another goal in mind, he wants to win a tournament so that he can have the opportunity to fight for a spot to be on the National Olympic Team.

“I look to be the youngest to ever be on the US Olympic team.””

he said during the interview. He plans to be boxing for a living by the age of twenty three or twenty four, He currently has no job, all he focuses on is his training and his education. He’s recently been traveling a lot alongside his mom who is there to feed him with the right foods and making sure he takes the vitamins he needs. Texas, Oklahoma, and Vegas he has gone recently to fight, and he has also gone to Boston to visit his other family members. 

He’s a well tempered man outside the ring, never has had to fight besides the times he has gone into the ring. “It takes a lot to get me mad,” he stated, “and I’m good at keeping my cool.” He has fought an amount of 40ish fights, and has no clue of how many fights he has won. He says that he fights over and over again, so he doesn’t bother to keep count.

If he wouldn’t be a boxer, he says he would just be a regular person with a regular job. But he would still be involved in sports since most of his family are into sports. He says that he might be playing football just like his older and younger brother.