11/11 is Veterans Day. Meet Our Gladiator Veterans


Students and staff celebrate our veterans on campus

Cesar Ayon, Writer

This Thursday, November 11th, is a National Holiday recognizing Veteran’s Day. There is no school on this day. Friday, November 12th is also a non-student day. The Gladiator Times staff would like to say thank you to all our veterans this week, tomorrow, and beyond. We appreciate you and thank you for your service.

Thank you to the ASB class for decorating the care packages and posters for our wonderful teachers and staff who have served.

Thank Boxes for Veterans

On campus today we would like to thank Mr. Shickler, Mrs. Whalen, Mr. Likens, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Lamb, Mr, Ranciglio, and Dr, Camarena.

Today, November 1oth, is the United States Marines 246th birthday. The Marine Corps was born at Tun Tavern in Philadelphia on this day in 1775. This date in history is considered the first recruitment of Marines. Semper Fi, Marines.

Mrs. Whalen, USMC
Mr. Roberts, USMC