This Week Is Red Ribbon Week!


Daniel Dorado, Staff Writer

Hey students did you know that This week is Red Ribbon Week!

Your Friday Night Live has some great spirit week and lunchtime activities planned for you. Monday is pajama day so wear your SCHOOL APPROPRIATEĀ  pj’s but pack your umbrella.

At lunch, we’ll have a dount eating contests so stop by room 8 if you’d like to sign up to participate and get a free dount. check out the poster for more info about our festivities, ESPECIALLY our pie throwing.

Our current pie target rockstars are Ms. Drysol, Mr Cowan, Mr Dechene, Ms Holley, Ms Resch, and even MR. LARA. Tickets are only $1! you’ll receive your red bracelets on Monday and get some sweet treats for wearing them during the week. we look forward to celebrating healthy choices with you!