Chef Jassmann Serves Up The Recipe To Success


Juan Agraz, Editor

Chef Jassmann, part of the Gilbert staff and family, began teaching at Gilbert High School for ten years now. He’s a man who enjoys the job that he never thought of doing. Without the help of his wife who gave him the idea, we wouldn’t have this amazing teacher here with us in Gilbert High School.

“Last thing I ever though of doing, it was definitely never in the radar.” During the interview, he mentioned that the culture, the creativity, the people and the organized control chaos, is what got him into being a chef.

 From a bus, to the AUHSD, everyday, periods two, three, four, and five, get on a bus and are driven to the district to go to class. The chef says that he doesn’t mind having the kids go on the bus, because he thinks that it’s a good way for the students to unwind and get out of the daily routine. “Kinda nice to get them out of their head/comfort zone, you know what I mean?”

The teacher himself makes the environment great. Chef Jassmann’s friendly greetings when he comes out the classroom holding the door for us as we go in, really sets the mood and makes you feel welcomed. As we cook or work on our textbooks, he makes us laugh and motivates us to continue to work hard.

When asked what he would be doing if he wasn’t a chef, he simply replied: “No idea at all.”

He stated that he likes to take a year at a time instead of planning when he was going to stop teaching, he also said that while he was here in Gilbert he would like to see the culinary arts class turn into a career pathway.

Lastly he said, “When I lose passion for food, that will be the day that I will lose my passion entirely.”

I don’t think that day will ever come.