Quarter 2 Orientation (Q2O) Kicked Off the New Semester at GHS

Mrs. Fagu leads her order of Yoda to the next station…

Q2O, the new Quarter Orientations, was mostly about team work. Students travelled in their Jedi order and participated in a series of workshops and enjoyed a BBQ lunch midday. Orientation workshops included: Coping with STRESS (MPR), Financial Aid training (Rm 47), Thrively & Career Pathways (Rms 27/28), Team Building/Scavenger Hunt (Stage/Lunch tables), Anaheim Pledge tutorial (Rms 33/34), Painting the Mural (Garage area), Corn Hole/Bean Toss Tournament (Pep area), Vision Boards 2022 (MPR/tables), Four Corners Communication Forum (Outside Rms 17/30), SQUID Science Game (Rm 33). 

Some of these events and activities were designed to encourage group work or teamwork to help each other out when one of your teammates got stuck on something.  The 5 C’s were encouraged throughout: communication, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and character/compassion. The favorite workshop was Mr. Shickler’s Squid Science Game. Students had to compete by answering science questions until all but one student was left as the winner.

Here are some direct quotes from a sampling of students who attended Q2O:
“It was better than last time, and so much more interactive.”
“They should have more fun activities.”
“I think they should add more games.”
“I already attended an orientation at the beginning of the school year at Gilbert high school, so I didn’t really think that we needed a second event during the 2nd quarter. Most students have already been through it. There were only a few new students who came to Gilbert this quarter.”
“I liked it. It was fun , but there was something missing like an EQ workshop to show people my work!”
“I felt that this orientation was better then Q1O.”
“I honestly liked the workshops they were nice and fun. They should stay like this because I had a good time.”
“I really liked the orientation because I learned a lot, especially about the financial aid.”
“The best thing of the day was painting on the garage; that was pretty fun to do.”
These students enjoyed painting the mural.













Research shows that most students stayed with their Jedi order (81.6%). If they didn’t, these were the reasons why:

Friends wanted me to switch/I wanted to stay with my friends.

I got lost so I joined a new Jedi order, but I went through all the rotations.

I did stay with my order, but after lunch I couldn’t find them so I was lost for a while.

Overall, Q2O seemed to be a positive experience for students, new and returning. Shout out to all the counselors and leaders who collaborated to create this day. Teachers also had a chance to join in the fun by participating in activities with their students or leading groups in discussions. Orientation is truly a positive, interactive day that benefits everyone.

And together, we are Gladiator Strong.


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