Meet Our Student Ambassador!!

From Soccer Coach At Night, To The Voice Of The Community During The Day


Juan Agraz, Staff Writer

The 2021-2022 Student Ambassador of Gilbert High School is Mariana Elias. 

Each high school and junior high is represented in our district, Mariana Elias represents both Polaris and Gilbert High School, I.S and adult transition and ROP is included in Mariana’s report. 

At Gilbert, Mariana reports to Mr. Dechene regularly, as he is the activities director. She is also a member of ASB and has Mr. Dechene’s class third period. She also has to meet with Mr. Lara whenever monthly meetings are held. (School Site Council) 

She works with parents as well. She attends coffee with the principal and meets with parents and staff. Recently, all parents were invited to Back to School Night.  Mariana will be attending BTSN as a greeter and host. There will be a covid vaccine clinic among all the other exhibits. She plans to encourage people to get vaccinated. She herself chose to receive the vaccine.

Mariana is a senior here at GHS. She previously attended Savanna and was on the wrestling team there. She was not as active there as she is here. Though she was the manager of the Savanna football team. In her spare time, she coaches coed club soccer. To keep fit, she runs with her team and she performs ballet folklorico! 

Being a student ambassador allows her to rebuild and rediscover the voices of the student body. “I chose to be the SA because I wanted to rediscover the voices of our Gladiator family that had been lost during the pandemic.” She explains how very important and special it is to have Gilbert represented at the District level:

“I often get asked, how does Gilbert function? I tell them students are here because LIFE happened. And teachers are here because they care.”