2021 Glad Tickets Have Finally Arrived!


GLAD Tickets are here!

Kasey Olivares, Staff Writer

GLAD Tickets are back and ready to be issued to any student caught being ON TIME, RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, making improvements, doing something special, or generally exhibiting positive behavior as witnessed by their teacher! Steps in the process include:

GLAD Tickets are here!
  1. Student receives a GLAD Ticket
  2. Student drops off their GLAD Ticket in the Main  Office
  3. At the end the month, tickets are drawn and prizes are gifted 
Jazilou Torres, is the amazing creator of the 2021-2022 GLAD TICKET!


This year’s GLAD ticket was designed by a senior Gladiator. Her name is Jazilou Torres, and she is a senior who is participating in the Business Career Pathway program this year at Gilbert. Congratulations, Jazilou, on your amazing design. We wonder, did you receive a GLAD ticket for your GLAD ticket?

Why are GLAD tickets so special?

“The world is made a tiny bit more emotionally beautiful:-),” says Dr. Slim, and we believe him. GLAD tickets are truly appropriately titled. They make the giver and the recipient feel a little more glad about life.

GLAD Box in Main Office

Students, drop your GLAD ticket into this box in the Main Office.