Las Vegas Trip


Kasey Olivares, Staff Writer

Have you ever missed school to go on a family trip? This year I went on a family trip to Las Vegas. We didn’t really have to wear masks in most stores, mostly just restaurants until we were seated.  We still kept our masks on in stores though just to be safe.  Gas prices were pretty high there too but the good thing was that we stayed in the middle of the strip so we didn’t really use the car to go anywhere.  We were there to celebrate my dads birthday.  He would walk with my mom to different hotels to gamble and do other things. I spent my week with my sister and cousin and we just walked the strip and went on rides and went to the pool.

I was going to be gone for a week and I was afraid I’d fall behind so I asked my teachers for work to take home.  Only one of my teachers actually gave me paper work, the rest told me to find my assignments on eKadence.  The website was well organized so I didn’t have trouble finding them.  However I didn’t work on anything while I was on the trip because I had forgotten my chromebook. When I came back I had so many things to do like wash, get my stuff ready for school the next day and work on homework.  I was so stressed and I did fall behind on some classes.

My family is planning another trip to Mexico in December but I don’t know if I’ll be attending because it was extremely stressful.  My advice to you guys who plan on taking vacations would be to get your work done before even going on the trip because when you get there you wont want to focus on doing your work, you’ll just want to have fun.  If I end up going to Mexico in December, I need to make sure to get my work done before I leave or even at the airport.