How are Jobs Affecting Young Teens?


Josh Perez, Staff Writer

What are some of the pros and cons that affect young teens with their jobs? Maybe there are no cons at all, or maybe it could depend on the kind of job one can have.

Lots of seniors (and some juniors) are getting jobs or have gotten them this summer. Some need a job for money, others for fun, or just because, hey, why not. But are there some drawbacks to having a job throughout the school year? Possibly, if students have it under control, then they’re able to handle both without a problem.

Twelve students took the recent work survey that was shared with all staff last week, and one teacher informed me of the number of students who have work permits .t this school. Here are the analysis of the data collected:

From the twelve students that took the survey, only two of them  currently have a job. Both work in restaurants. Eight students answered that they used to have a job. This leaves us with five out of the twelve students that have never had a job. Mr. Dechene stated that, “Approximately twenty-five students currently have a valid work permit.”

That’s almost a full class right there, filled with students with jobs! Do students kn0w where to get a work permit? About 66.7% said yes and the other 33% said no. Mr. Dechene shared his work permit presentation with me and showed me almost all the questions and possible answers to a work permit. It includes a signature line in the first section. Your teacher completes the second section, and your employer completes the third, then your parents sign the last section of the work permit.

Now to maintain a Work permit, you need to have a 2.0 GPA, attend school regularly, and stay out of trouble (NO disciplinary infractions). Your Work Permit WILL be revoked by the school administrators if any of the aforementioned conditions are not met.

Now is not having a work permit illegal? Well, yes. In the state of California, It’s the law for teens under eighteen years old to have a work permit when in school. The permit allows them to work only four hours on a school day and eight hours on a non-school day. Students/teens are also limited to the kind of work they can do like operating heavy machines, climbing ladders over twenty feet, transporting passengers, handling pesticides or any toxic related work, etc. Remember to get your Work permit, Gladiators, go to Room 29 and see Mr Dechene for more questions.