Dress-Code Under Protest

Joanna Ruiz, Staff Writer


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Do my clothes distract you? Do I have to change the way I look for your respect? More schools get stricter and stricter with how we young women dress. We as women don’t need to change for your convenience or respect nor apologize for the way our body looks in clothes. In this story I’ll be talking about many opinions from different students/staff and teachers.

There have been many incidents regarding the school dress code, For example different protests one of them being In Moreno Valley on August 23, 2021. There were many young women and young men outside of their classes protesting for girls’ rights to wear whatever they want. One of the posters said  “Their clothes do not distract me.” As little as it may seem these words can be powerful. There still have been many protests happening, some of them being held in Kennedy High School on Saturday August 28,2021  and another in Western High School on Friday August 27,2021 and many more to come.

Arguments in favor of dress code:

Staff members commentary:

“It is a distraction why cause the opposite sex is more and more drawn to it.”

Input from teachers:

“Dress can affect other students. just like in a job you are required to wear appropriate clothing, students should wear clothing appropriate to school.”

Students opinions:

“Yes,they distract me because of what they wear”

“Yes just a little bit because of what they were wearing its too revealing”

These are there opinions as you can tell as many yes that i got i also got a few no’s there are still people who think it is a bad thing to express ourselves in our clothing. These quotes just shows how some people think that us young women wear a “distraction” to school. Its upsetting to think that even as women they think its a distraction and think its okay to change for others convince.Another thing is no guy should be distracted by it we are not here to distract them or try to “turn them on” we are here to learn that’s all.

Arguments against dress code:

Input from teachers:

“Creating a school environment where a dress code is enforced, violates a person’s freedom of choice, and freedom of expression. Unfortunately, gender specific dress codes often reinforce the gender binary, and unequivocally set harsher restrictions against females and non-binary folks. Dress code is unnecessary, controlling, and should not be used as a quick fix for other problems.”

“Dress appropriate but still express who you are”

“Be respectful not only emotionally but physically”

Students opinions:

“Students should be able to wear what they want as long as it doesn’t affect their school or grades”

“There shouldn’t be a dress code they should be able to wear whatever they want without restrictions”

As many people who disagree with these opinions its true it shouldn’t matter what we wear because we come to school to learn and not get distracted by others clothing also we did not come to be disrespected in anyway. Like i had mentioned before it is upsetting to know that people go in favor with the dress code like no its our body our choice to express and dress how we want and not be shamed or be dress coded because it “distraction” to people. Young “men” have to understand how to control how they feel over a clothing item and as adults understand we don’t come here to get our clothes taken away or have to wear a long shirt because we “violated” the clothing dress code.

Last but not least why should we stop dressing the way we want? Why do the clothes we wear distract you just so many questions that connect to that. My question is why do we as women have to protest to ask for respect just because we dress a certain way and still not be respected by others because of our “clothing”. Most times they say our clothes are too revealing or it distracts others but just because a person can’t be respectful/pay attention or even keep their thoughts and hands to themselves it is not our responsibility to change how we dress/express ourselves  because of others. We don’t dress to distract, we dress the way we dress to express ourselves in different clothing/ways. It is upsetting that people these days have to protest about their clothing. No one should feel the need to change or wear something different to satisfy others.