Gyms Are Now open at UFC FIT at Anaheim Gardenwalk!

Hugo Romero, Staff Writer

You Belong In The Gym Now! Did you know it is now safe to go the gym.

It is safe to go back to the gym because you are doing yourself a favor in protecting yourself by wearing a mask and maintaining your distance from others.

The rules of the gym is for you to listen and follow all of the rules that they have because you´ll get in trouble if you break them.

You could go to 24 hour fitness, golds gym, ufc fit, planet fitness, chuze fitness and some other ones as well.

I go to the gym at least 2-3 times a week. The gym that I go to is UFC FIT which is located in Anaheim Garden Walk. The benefits of going to the gym is to help you get into shape, get your dream body in, stay fit, eat healthy and just overall have a good workout and workout with some of your friends which I highly recommend you doing because it you get to have a really good time with your friends at the gym and workout with them as well.