Heroes of the Pandemic Share Their Stories


Josiah Perez, Staff writer

Now that the pandemic is coming to a close, I want you to know the stories of the heroes who triumphed over the underlying terror that only the medical force had to deal with. I will now share with you their thoughts and experiences. So I pulled some of our heroes quotes from multiple sources and straight to the point one nurse says,” hearing the family’s cry over a phone and… you just wanna give them a hug but you can’t.Another says that,” we’re kind of their last… chance, um at life and so were trying to give it our all. ” Immediately you can see that this was a strange and a  dire situation. The nurse who said that they are patience last chance at life also states a reality many that was very relevant last year,” I would rather you see grandma and grandpa through a zoom call or something like that then see them on a ventilator and us doing face timer or a zoom call from the ICU to you because that’s the last time your gonna see grandma or grandpa.” The few story’s slash experiences are enough to convey the reality they had to directly deal with last year. Thank You for reading this story, because I feel the experiences of the nurses in the medical field weren’t very visible to me before I saw the video I have linked down below, and have a nice day.

Video link:https://youtu.be/j3tOVkZt-NQ