A Gilbert Senior’s Final Journey: Recognition at Graduation

Gilbert Senior Show 2021 - GHS


Here’s a glimpse into the future that is NOW. This is a celebration of the seniors who made it and are now part of the Class of 2021. The Gilbert story is really a journey. In this video montage of music, video clips, names, faces, and speeches, seniors are acknowledged for their accomplishments. Many seniors were surprised to see their names and faces on the screen. For some it is almost hard to believe they made it, given the immense challenges they faced throughout their high school journey.

It is important to be recognized because this is the spark of that special moment that becomes their last impression of their school. What a wonderful memory to leave on.

The time-lapse art work in this presentation is especially symbolic. It represents the Gilbert student who walks through the door to a future as a blooming rose and eventual proud owner of a diploma. The students who have come to Gilbert have done a lot of hard work to graduate, and their families are proud of them. This type of message has the power to inspire juniors and future generations, allowing them to walk in the hopeful footsteps of a senior. It means that even in tough times we still find ways to spread joy and congratulate students on their well-deserved accomplishments.

Many Gilbert students are featured in this video ceremony being congratulated for their efforts. It means a lot for them and their families (parents) to be recognized for their achievements and hard work. The speeches in this video were given by teachers especially chosen for their senior students.  “What inspired me mostly,” says one senior,  “was Mr. Dechene’s speech because he spoke a lot of truth, and what surprised me was all of the students that were named. There were a lot!”

This awards video celebration is so important. It’s inspiring to see that if you work towards goals, you’ll be congratulated and rewarded one way or another. By positively reinforcing the hard work our students at Gilbert do, it helps give them a push in the right direction to a greater future. The Gilbert journey is a long one but in the end it goes by super quick. Make the most of it! Click to watch the video. Enjoy!