Send Your Valentine a Virtual Love Letter Today!

Gen. Staff, Special to the Gladiator Times

Who is your Valentine? Do you have a special someone? How will you celebrate? Do you have a celebrity valentine? Do you want to honor a group or an individual?
Recently, before the Superbowl kickoff, National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman honored three frontline workers for their courage and bravery and steadfast duty during the pandemic. Her poem was like a VALENTINE to all those working to help others during this difficult time.
Who might you honor with a poem or a virtual rose or a virtual box of candy? Send your Valentine tribute to the Gladiator Times today, in time for us to wish your special someone a Happy Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day. Send us your valentine message, pictures, letters, notes, quotes, names, faces, anything Valentiney,  to: [email protected] by February 12th. We will make sure to get it in the news!
And have a Happy Valentine’s Day MONTH!

Virtual Candy is good for the heart and soul!