Chaos at the U.S. Capitol!

Tristian Corona

What is this chaos at the U.S. Capitol? It’s actually a pretty big deal. The history of the Capitol dates back to as far as the 1700’s. In the U.S. the Senate and House of Representatives come together to discuss, debate, and deliberate national policy; develop consensus; and craft the country’s laws inside of the Capitol. But you don’t wanna hear about that. 

A riot was started in the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. What started as a protest full of Trump supporters quickly turned violent as it turned into a last stand for Trump. The reason for retaliation? Congress was set to confirm that the President-elect Joe Biden won the election. 

Five deaths came out of this riot at the Capitol: one Capitol Police officer and four supporters of the current President. The deaths brought on from this whole situation are what make it a catastrophe.

Why is this so important? What makes this riot so important is not only the deaths, injuries, and damage caused by rioters, but also what the future may hold. This act of civil unrest from Trump supporters may only be the beginning. Things may get worse over the course of time leading up to Biden’s inauguration. 

My prediction is that we will see more riots happen during the beginning of Biden’s presidency, especially on Inauguration Day.