Halloween 2020

Alexis Polanco, Editor

October 31, 2020 was a day that was uncertain to many Americans around the nation. ¨Can we trick or treat?¨, ¨Can we celebrate Halloween?¨, ¨Should I even dress up?¨, were just a few common questions circling around conversations like flies to garbage. When stores ,such as Walmart, started carrying Halloween supplies and Spirit Halloween locations  started popping up around late August, many people were shocked but hesitant to participate during this unruly time. Although, there was hesitation among the masses, it did seem that candy bags would grow less and less when Halloween grew closer.

Many adolescents in High School who looked forward to spooky school events such as costume contest, class parties, and/or just dressing up, did not get that luxury this year. So many looked forward to spending time with friends and trick or treating but this pandemic said other wise. There was a hand full of trick or treaters on Halloween night but many were turned down by many house, that saw no point in buying candy this year.

Halloween 2020 was also the perfect year to beg for treats, full moon, landed on a Saturday, and since we have been cooped up in our homes for many months are minds had the chance to run wild just for this particular holiday. Hopefully once we are able to come together and be a community again, maybe we can express all the suppressed creativity we have had for so long.