You Are Not Selfish, You Are Human

Alexis Polanco

March 15th was the day everyone in the AUHSD school district had received an e-mail that would be the start of a life altering experience. I believe every person was excited to get a two week long “vacation” out of the classroom, we all thought it was just harmless. It wasn’t till every news channel was filled up with the same stories, Corona virus spreading, chaos in grocery stores, hospitals filling up quick. That we all panicked at the sight of what some believed to be the end times. No one was prepared, no one had experienced it and to make matters worse our “vacation” had been extended. Quarantine was beginning to be a horrific nightmare for a lot of high school students, we all experience the same in one way  or another. Too naive to be an adult but too adept to be a child. Our decisions are made for when asked, so all of us, even if we wanted to, would be forced to stay home.

In the beginning of quarantine, it seemed as if every second something was new, but after time passed, seconds began to seem like hours. Our daily schedule had now become a distant memory. Stress grew not just from overdue assignments but by the scent of death all around us. We began to finally experience what mortality truly is. Our little life knowledge could not comprehend emotional limbo. 

“I have no more energy” , “I feel like a stranger”, “Everyone seems like cadavers” “Depression” are a few phrases I have heard from high school students  responding to my question “How has quarantine affected you”. No one had brought up any positive nuance, I am not sure if this is just because I had asked “glass half full” people or if this turn of events has changed even the most cheerful teens of of our time. Some have experienced the disconnect of family bonds, spending time with the same people for 6 months can tarnish even the strongest relationships. Fights grow louder and much more harsh between kin, glances set into dull stares. Communication to the outside world is a luxury, seeing a friend´s face is a privilege. All seems hopeless.

Despite all the gray in the world right now, this fog will clear up with the contribution from one another. We all play a role in this situation, we are all pawns who did not agree to go around this board but in life we get hit with obstacles and we just learn to over come them. Don’t be selfish and protect yourself so others around you can be protected as well. Make the right decision.