Virtual Back to School Night

Alexis Polanco

Since the Anaheim Union High School Distract is still practicing distance learning as of Fall 2020, then we are scheduled for our very first virtual back to school night. In previous years, back to school night has consisted of greetings from teachers to parents, slide show presentations, sign in sheets and direct questions but since the Covid-19 pandemic has affected our lives, we must adjust. September 30th is GilbertĀ“s back to school night, parents are given links to join virtual conferences by each teacher their student has. Slide shows will be shown and teachers will able to greet themselves to the overall parent population. Even though this is not the majorities first choice there are benefits to this change. No need to look for parking space or no need to get dressed up to meet new people. Also, we will help stop the spread of Covid-19 and we will thank these decisions in the future.

STUDENTS!! Stay in touch with your teachers to be informed when they will send links and everyone stay safe.