Coincidence? I think not !

Jimmy Serrano

Coincidence? I think not!

Jimmy Serrano

May 10 2020


This pandemic crisis must come to an end which is what might be running through your mind while researching or reading stories to catch up on the latest news, but have any of us paid attention to the researchers working on the vaccine for this deadly virus? Well I hope so. A University of Pittsburgh professor ( Bing Liu ) was found murdered in his townhouse, the professors murder was to the extreme with gun wounds to the head, neck and torso. Bing Liu was on the verge of making very significant findings on the world’s current threat known as COVID-19, which was a very unusual time for the professor to get murdered.

This wasn’t the only time a case like this has occurred, many other cases similar to this have happened for plenty of great discoveries for deadly diseases and health of humans that could’ve possibly saved a majority of people. At least we have hope though knowing there could be a vaccine very soon that’d be able to help us and make this virus go away so our lives can go back to normal. We wish nothing but the best for the family of Bing Liu.