What To Do? -STAY SAFE

Colby Romay

As the quarantine is finally beginning to peak and drop hopefully for cases and death tolls, it’s been a most definite struggle to find anything worthwhile or how to even make the time pass by at times when stuck inside. I’m one of those people who prefers to be out of the house just about every chance and excuse I can get so I can also see and feel how much harder some of us are affected by the quarantine. We all have to get creative in times like these not just to pass time but for the sake of our sanity as I’ve noticed how this whole disaster has us in a bit of a mental storm. This is especially ruthlessly hard if you have any younger children to entertain or keep busy to keep them out of trouble or harm. In times like these we must resort to ways to pass the time some might not even remember like those who had a family game night or Monopoly game nights! Let’s not forget all the many puzzles and other games like that one where you had to remove all the stuff from the guys body with the tweezers without zapping the sides of the game too. I visited a few stores just recently like Joannes to check around for neat and unique puzzles or games from childhood and didn’t come up with much as turns out a lot of other people had the same idea which is great! Good to see all the ignorance displayed by some, others are thinking productively not selfishly and we need more people like that right now these times are not games and they most certainly aren’t fun. I’ve been actively doing my part every way that I possibly can in order to protect myself because if I am at risk then obviously my family is so whenever I’ve been going into work I’ve continued to take constant precautions as my line of work can get dirty. I consistently am washing my hands with soap and disinfecting my gloves and hands with 99% alcohol to effectively assure protection against this virus like for example the other day I got a cut on my finger from the serrated part of the tape gun and something I’d usually just wash and ignore, I immediately cleaned with the alcohol solution to disinfect it proving the saying wise and useful, “better to be safe than sorry.”