Lessons In Life

Colby Romay

Growing up is all a part of life, literally! As obvious as this might seem for some to understand intelligence has nothing to do with what we all just about experience when growing up. I’m talking about lessons that can’t be taught or always avoided but usually are learned “the hard way” in life. Like “don’t touch the stove”.. I definitely remember a few occasions where I burned myself pretty bad. We’ve all had our moments and we all have our unforgettable ones too. The important thing of course is that we do not avoid the reality where they’ve happened but we move forward and past such events allowing these painful or painfully embarrassing moments in life to teach the important lessons we will carry with us throughout the entirety of our lives. Lessons of listening to others advice before acting, listening to my parents, and respecting my elders. For example I didn’t listen to my mother when she’d said not to touch the burner and was not patient enough to wait if it’s cooled off, another example being patience, something I find myself not allowed much of as I’m always working either in Anaheim or at home on school work. If i’d also listened to my teachers and parents sooner I wouldn’t be forced to work extra late hours into the night and begin just about the moment I wake up but another lesson I also learned that took a while to settle in unfortunately was the importance of education and not just that, but I have to do this either way and if I don’t now, I will eventually and I kept that attitude till I learned procrastination leads to even worse overwhelming when meeting deadlines on the night before and such. It took halfway through highschool till I took the initiative required to take responsibility for myself and my grade so that I can save myself from the point of no return as I am up against the ropes it currently feels like but it only takes a moment to tab out of life like a computer and to gather myself and my thought with the constant mentality that I’ve learned what happens if I can’t meet the requirements this time, this is the real world and it is cruel yes, but it only works against me if I don’t’ work with the ways of life. That’s why here I am, rocking this work out like a hurricane!