If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It!

Colby Romay

Dreams are more than what you probably think of them, they’re omens for some, and for others dreams are a reason to continue living throughout life. -A form of hope that can only be found when visited deep within our subconscious realm giving us just enough or too little to always keep us wanting more. Some are addicted to sleep for reasons such as sleep can be of few rare occurrences when people can reconnect with others who’re no longer with them in ways such as spiritually. This alternate dimension of reality is some others only escape from stress and of the toughest of days. I Consider the privilege of sleep almost vital to me, for more than just the importance of rest itself to stay mentally sane and alive. Dreams can honestly be anything we want them to be though we do not always control them so usually if you dream, if there’s any stress or trauma on your mind for example, usually negative dreams follow. I’ve also found to dream of being hurt wherever I may be injured already on my body though I’ve never searched around about it or shared the discussion to know if it’s as common as I assume it is. I’ve also found dreams to inspire me just as much as they can confuse me when I try remembering them! I’ve spent nights envisioning my goals before bed and ended up dreaming about that same goal as if i’d already accomplished it, so much so the very next day I went out and did just that! A huge negative to our dreamscape is how we most often can’t pinpoint dreams, we become very lost in thought so hazy at times we can be “stuck”. There’ve been some coincidences I’ve also dreamed of or lots of other interesting “deja-vu” type moments to reflect on overall fascinating me when diving into the topic of dreaming of how we have the ability to do so, it’s all so crazy seeming sometimes it’s almost magical! I’ve watched my pets sleep often and they twitch or move in a way that might indicate to me they are uneasy and I try my best to comfort them and understand them through the unspoken language of the world, and in dreams!