Colby Romay

Senior year was, for the most part, decent until the outbreak of COVID-19 spread worldwide. Now, I wonder of the prom I’d envisioned since even before I was a highschooler. I as well as my peers can’t have the graduation pictures nor the memories of a graduation we won’t be able to experience like all hardworking deserving seniors should. I might be getting my cap and gown somehow but the cap and gown feel almost just like any other piece of clothing when not worn to proudly celebrate everything not only just what these four years questionable times have brought but all my schooling since childhood. My graduation is not an experience I get to live out neither is my senior prom.. As devastating as this is, I am trying to stay optimistic as we are living history as we know it right now. Maybe our Grad will be different and one of a kind… Another minor pain was the few close friends and brothers I shared a place with at that school but as we know, sometimes people move on from one another in life, nothing personal but school was just about all we’d bond over or the only time we’d see each other just about so what i’m basically trying to say is I don’t even get to say goodbye. That’s not all though, yearbooks and their meaning aren’t near what they should be when we’d pass them around to comment to one another, this being some of my most anticipated moments throughout highschool as I’d had people I didn’t know well or never even knew wanting to meet me and to exchange yearbooks, rereading all the funny but also motivational and heartwarming comments people made.. And who knows, maybe one of them might become famous and I get the chance to say I knew and grew up with them.. Wouldn’t be a first for me which is awesome enough itself!! Like I said, trying to stay optimistic. Things usually get worse before they get better so i’ve been keeping my chin high and my mask on doing what I can to stay safe but also function throughout my daily life and work!