Forms Of Communication

Colby Romay

Growing up, there was one class in particular I’d always excel at, when I applied myself that is. English & Writing Skills was and has always been my “strong suit”. My grades weren’t ever solid for many reasons such as my mental state itself wasn’t necessarily solid enough though i’d prefer to say it was more so misguidance. Another reason being one of the worst challenges i’d find myself lost in facing which is computer work. I never really learned how to operate a computer past simple use like an email or YouTube and never found it in me to put forth the effort as there was little to no interest. This is part of what kept me close to my natural senses such as writing a letter above texting. Cell phones and smartphones are different though, those I have used for many years and am quite skilled in not only use of the phone but if there’s a malfunction. All that aside I don’t like them or most technology in general very much. When I found myself lost mentally or emotionally I tended to search out for answers within myself as a natural reaction but with that pen and pad in front of me I most often actually find myself within the words, I’ve discovered my hidden passion in writing. Finally, an escape. A place that accepts my truth without judgment, it simply receives my truth and allows me to turn the page, and here I can press down on the lead to express the passion in my touch, transitions between words come together to form a beautifully dying bouquet of words as everything comes to an end in life, even this. A picture or screen might say a thousand words yet I would and will always choose a thousand written words before a single photo or phone. Words writtenImage result for prisoner writing letter down only once to mean a whole lifetime. To know a part of you is on that paper brings us ever so much closer. This is something i’ll never stop doing and honestly more people should start doing!